empowering individual success (1)

Raising Aspirations


3638398727?profile=RESIZE_710xWe don’t start life, either as an individual or a group, thinking we’ll be unsuccessful . We are curious, excited, eager to learn and willing to try to overcome failures to reach our goal. How many times does a child fall when they first try to walk? Yet they get back up and try again until suddenly they are running everywhere. These innate drives are born within us and are the things which motivate us towards success. It comes from within.

What happens , however, when environmental factors we can’t control, eroded our desire to try? Many will work through the barriers and be successful-perhaps not happy but able to have a decent life. Others will give up. They’ll lose sight of a purpose in life and turn to drugs, suicide.

The Matrix of a Learner emphasizes the responsibility we have to our own success as well as to the success of others. By focusing on the “us” rather than the “me”, the philosophy of The Matrix successfully promotes individual confidence, tolerant and supportive peers, sustainable communities, a more educated populace, and a collaborative global community.

The Matrix empowers users to ask questions and provides a guiding template for finding answers. It helps define what the learner wants, identifies what they have, and guides them to successfully fill in the gaps.

However, there needs to be continuity to the vision, with the purpose of empowering individual success by strengthening the family, community, state and nation. If we are going to help our youth make positive changes then those factors which lead to their failures must also be addressed for they are the resources to achieve our goals.

The Matrix demonstrates the interconnection between these resources and the success of the Learner. When everything is working right, the Learner is able to achieve their goals and the resources move forward in their goals as well. But when attitudes, uniform rigid set expectations, the misrepresentation of education as being for obtaining grades rather then knowledge, the passive approach to teaching continue to place roadblocks in the way of our learners, then trying to reignite the curiosity, passion, excitement, and motivation will fail.

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