• Hi there! I am a teacher (MS / HS for the past 13 years), and year after year, I strive to reinvent the High School Math teaching practices. Innovating with new pedagogies and exploring new teaching tools has led me down the rabbit hole for devising creative and fun ways to approach my lessons, which I blog about regularly on my digital portfolio.  

    This year, I set out to record a list of formative assessment tools, together with suggestions on how they could be used to spice up the excitement in class. I did set a few parameters though. They had to be fun to use, engaging for students, and free in order to level the playing field. The whole idea of "The Game of School" could not have come at a better time, as my stream on integrating tech tools for teaching was coincidentally titled "#GameTheSystem". My stream on Math tips and tricks was titled "#HackTheMath", with a similar idea that Math does not have to 500 page textbooks and 10000 words to explain to death concepts which may not be very intriguing. 

    This is definitely not the finished product, but I would like to start off my discussion here by suggesting ways to ramp up the excitement for learning in the classroom. Would love to hear more about what others have to offer! 

    the world is your classroom
    • Love this. Game and Hack are two words I use a lot... :) Keep us updated. Might be fun to do a quick video interview on Hacking Math?

    • Sure thing, Steve - that sounds like fun! You can PM me at and we can work something out! It would be great to share tools, maps and strategies that can jumpstart the learning in (almost) everybody's least favorite subject. 

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